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Terms and Conditions

PAYMENTS (MUSICAL CLASS) | Tuition is due in full at the first class of the semester. An additional supply and costume fee will be due with the first payment. There will be a $20.00 fee for payments that are not successfully processed. If you are unable to make a payment or seek financial assistance, please contact us before payment is due. PAYMENTS (MISSION IMPROVABLE, CAMPS) | Payment is due in full at the beginning of the first class. No refunds will be given after classes have started. REFUNDS (ALL CLASSES) | In performance classes, each student is a vital member of the production or lesson. For this reason, no refunds for dropped classes will be given after the first class. If a student chooses to drop a class after the final drop date or if the child is removed from the class for any reason following casting, the enrollee is still responsible for paying the semester's tuition in full. COMMUNICATION (ALL CLASSES) | Our primary source of communication is through email. Emails sent from will be sent to the provided email address(es) frequently throughout the semester with important updates and information regarding the classes and productions. Instructors may also use the GroupMe App. COSTUMES | CSP will provide the majority of the costumes for each show, but we may require students to provide their own shoes (character, jazz, tennis, etc.) and basic costume apparel including shirt, shoes, tights, leggings, etc. SPECIAL NEEDS | In order for our teachers to communicate best with students, please let us know if your child has any special needs or learning disabilities. All information will be confidential. AUDITIONS & CLASS DATES (MUSICAL CLASS) | Regular classes will be held on Mondays in Thompsons Station. Auditions will be held during the first class. An optional two-day audition course will be offered to assist with audition preparation. TECHNICAL REHEARSALS (MUSICAL CLASS) | Our Technical/Dress rehearsals will occur the week leading up to performances. These rehearsals are mandatory as they allow the students an opportunity to perform on the stage with props, sound cues, microphones, and lighting. Missing technical/dress rehearsals will not be permitted and will result in the student being pulled from the production. Exact dates and times for each cast will be announced after casting. PERFORMANCES (MUSICAL CLASS) | All performances are mandatory. Exact performance dates will be announced at the beginning of the semester. STRIKE & CLEAN-UP (MUSICAL CLASS) | We will strike our set and props and clean the theatre following our final performance. TICKETS (MUSICAL CLASS) | Tickets for the Mainstage Production will be paid separately and will go on sale no later than two weeks prior to the performance weekend. PHOTOS (ALL CLASSES) | Photos may be taken throughout the semester and may be used for promotional purposes.

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